Today in the city Fort Yukon 25.07.2017

The Ford Mustang GT is officially the Great American Sports Car (F)

I'm often asked by people what car they should buy. The answer isn't necessarily all that easy, because everybody has different needs. I'm rarely asked what sports car to buy, though. Most people...

State Officials Are Not Cooperating With Trump’s ‘Voter Fraud’ Panel

California, Virginia, and Kentucky are among the states to tell Trump’s “voter fraud” czar, Kris Kobach, to get lost.

Ex-Wife of Former Police Chief Sentenced for Health Fraud

The ex-wife of a former police chief who used her husband's health insurance after they divorced in 2014 has been sentenced for health care fraud.

Trump's voter-fraud panel asked all 50 states for registered voters' personal information — here's how they're responding

The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity asked all 50 US states for information on individual registered voters and plans to make that data public. The group was formed in response t...

Markets around the world are reeling on Friday

LONDON — Global stock markets are reeling on Friday, with sharp sell-offs around the world. Investors globally are rebalancing their portfolios amid suggestions that the era of ultra-loose monet...

Several states refuse to give data over to Trump's voter fraud commission

All 50 states received a letter from the Election Integrity Commission, requesting the name, address, date of birth, party affiliation, last four Social Security number digits, and voting history back...

Trump Commission on Voting Fraud Asks States for Voter Data

President Donald Trump's commission investigating allegations of voter fraud in the 2016 election is asking states for a list of the names, party affiliations and voting histories of all voters if the...

California Refuses To Cooperate With Trump Voter Fraud Probe

“California’s participation would only serve to legitimize the false and debunked claims of massive voter fraud.”

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